A Generative AI and Neural Network Approach to Sustainable Digital Transformation: A Focus on Medical and Marketing Sectors


Artificial Intelligence (AI), in particular generative AI (GAI) and neural networks (NN), is emerging as a transformative force in the evolving landscape of digital transformation in industries such as medicine and marketing. The paper describes the actual and potential impact of AI on the advancement of sustainable practices in these areas through a theoretical study of existing research. Through case studies, from NN in medicine, e.g., skin cancer diagnosis to GAI in marketing strategy, we highlight current applications and challenges. Despite the undeniable capabilities of AI in these domains, there remains a dearth of research that links AI to tangible sustainability outcomes. Our findings on AI in marketing highlight its importance in enhancing branding, optimizing pricing, refining channels and personalizing promotions. Furthermore, the application possibilities of NN in medical are presented. Due to the high model quality in the field of cancer detection, diagnostic processes can be designed more efficiently by NN and thus staff shortages can be compensated cost-efficiently and patient-centered. However, while AI offers promising opportunities, it also requires an ethical, socially responsible approach, as underscored by recent studies. This research underscores the imperative of AI integration for holistic, sustainable outcomes in the medical and marketing sector.

SUSTAINABILITY TRANSITIONS: CHALLENGES AND INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS - International Scientific Conference on the Occasion of the Hungarian Science Festival
Alexander Maximilian Röser
Alexander Maximilian Röser
Senior Consultant @WEPEX

My research interests include Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Digital Transformation.